Black Entrepreneur Co-Working & Space Rentals

Black Entrepreneur Co-Working & Space Rentals

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Welcome Black entrepreneurs! We’re excited for you to join our co-working community! Are you looking to grow your business, acquire temporary office space, host team meetings or even events for your organization? Do you want to work closely with other Black folks cultivating their passions? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We look forward to offering you space in our spacious and well lit loft located directly on the historic Germantown Ave.

Currently, our co-working space can accommodate leases for 5 entrepreneurs. Our leases are either month-to-month or on a 3 month basis. Our open hours for co-working are weekdays 9-5 & Saturdays, 9-12.

If you are not in need of a consistent work space but you need a consistent venue for your workshops, programs and events, we also offer one day packages. Our hours vary for one day events. Email us first before booking your event to check availability.

Amenities in our space include wifi, coffee & tea, water, natural light, limited folding tables (seating 12) and chairs for self-set up during events, desks, chairs and outlets for co-working renters, small children’s play area, plenty of outlets, and community with other Black creators and innovators!

Weekly tours of the space take place on Thursdays between 1-3pm.

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