I am so grateful for Taylor’s work, her commitment, and a consistent reminder that wholeness is an option. The insights that she has provided have helped me to embrace and LOVE my journey to a plant-based diet. I am thankful for her love, wisdom, perspective, care, and knowledge!
— Azsherae G.

I enjoyed two of Taylor’s classes and they prompted me to plant my own garden. Unfortunately, I had an emergency gallbladder surgery, so that forced me to go to more of a plant-based diet. My husband has embraced it, and we are changing our eating habits. I’m hoping to have improved health and some weight loss. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.
— Michelle R.

As someone who prefers a natural and holistic approach to life, I really appreciated the workshop on making medicinal tinctures for prevention and maintenance during the cold and winter season. Taylor’s hands-on approach and discussion made the afternoon a pleasant experience.
— Wilhelmina Y., Co-Founder Serenity House

Taylor facilitated workshops on Medicinal Tinctures / Herbal remedies at Urban Tree Connection, with our community gardeners and neighbors. Her holistic and healing approach to working with herbs and food, tapping into our existing knowledge, and centering the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness of Black women and community deeply resonates with us. As a grower and nutrition educator, Taylor offers dynamic classes that contribute to the larger work of reclaiming our local food systems.
— Noelle W., UTC Executive Director