#BlackHistoryEats / Day 27 / Acacia Gum

Source: Allan D Robert

Source: Allan D Robert


  • Acacia gum is the sugary sap that comes from the acacia tree (Acacia senegal)
  • Acacia trees originate in sub Saharan Africa the plant is currently most abundant in the Sudan
  • Interestingly, acacia tree only produces gum during strenuous conditions (i.e. poor soil or drought)


  • Acacia gum is made out of sugar and fiber 
  • Ancient Egyptian widely used acacia gum as a thickener in make up and to aid in the mummification process
  • If you have eaten anything that comes in a box, bag or carton you have probably had acacia gum. It's used in the food industry as a food stabilizer. It is a important ingredient for sodas and candy, too.
  • It's also used in cosmetics, ink, paint production, glue, and in the textile industry
  • Acacia gum extract can sometimes be found in dental products as a preventative to gingivitis