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#BlackHistoryEats / Day 10 / Watermelon

Native to the Sudan, watermelon is currently the most produced fruit in the United States. There is no hiding the fact that watermelon has been used as racist and white supremacist icon against Black folks in this country ... but there is a lot of powerful history about this amazing fruit that we should feel empowered to reclaim and celebrate! 

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#BlackHistoryEats / Day 09 / Okra

The under appreciated Okra aka 'guilobo' (from Angola), 'okwuru' (from Igbo people), 'kanjo' (from Mandingo people), 'nkruman' (from Akan/West African people), and 'ladies fingers' (from India)

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#BlackHistoryEats / Day 07 / Sesame

Sesame seeds (aka 'benne seeds' in many places in South Carolina and other places in the South) pretty much changed the game for global cuisine, but our enslaved African ancestors were using them in soups, salads, boiled greens, and eating them raw waaaaay before it was hip

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