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#BlackHistoryEats / Day 25 / Coffee

I specifically chose this photo to illustrate how coffee the beauty red cherry fruit that comes from the Ethiopian Coffea arabica plant (the coffee beans are actually in the inside of the fruit). If you've been to your favorite local coffee shop (or Starbucks even), you've probably seen and/or purchased fair trade coffee. It was probably sold to you with the statement "by purchasing this coffee you help strengthen a farming community in <insert global south or African country>" -- is this ethical consumerism or social justice?

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#BlackHistoryEats / Day 16 / Teff

If you have had the pleasure of experiencing Ethiopian food (let's be clear: Ethiopian food is a full body experience!) then you may already know that teff is the most common grain used for making injera/enjera (the delicious soury and spongy flat bread that is eaten during a traditional Ethiopian food). 

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#BlackHistoryEats / Day 15 / Tamarind

Tamarind just has that taste that once you have had it, it's impossible to forget! Mistakenly assumed that its origins are Indian, tamarind is actually a very African plant/fruit/tree that has made a huge global impact on food and flavor.

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