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#BlackHistoryEats / Day 15 / Tamarind

Tamarind just has that taste that once you have had it, it's impossible to forget! Mistakenly assumed that its origins are Indian, tamarind is actually a very African plant/fruit/tree that has made a huge global impact on food and flavor.

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#BlackHistoryEats / Day 09 / Okra

The under appreciated Okra aka 'guilobo' (from Angola), 'okwuru' (from Igbo people), 'kanjo' (from Mandingo people), 'nkruman' (from Akan/West African people), and 'ladies fingers' (from India)

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#BlackHistoryEats / Day 01 / Yam

Happy #BlackHistoryMonth, y'all! This month, I am really excited to celebrate via the act of cultural keeping + remembrance. #BlackHistoryEats is a way to reclaim our history that is often erased (and with the current climate we are in, we must seize every opportunity to do so!) From chattel slavery to present day 2017, our Black bodies, labor, and culture have been co-opted and used for monetary gain to further and secure capitalism.

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