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Best Sweet Potato Oatmeal Ever

What is Fall without sweet potatoes!?

Y’all. This recipe is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I have had this oatmeal for 5 days straight, so you know I am telling the truth. Because potato is such a grounding, starchy vegetable with loads of fiber and protein, it makes this oatmeal extra, extra filling. It has the perfect sweetness and flavor without ANY refined sugar that would make you crash in the late morning. I recommend making a big ol’ pot of it at the start of the week so you can enjoy it for a few days or so that it can be a really easy breakfast for the kids. Also, I strongly recommend actual organic sweet potato vs. canned sweet potato for both flavor and consistency. Also, coconut oil as opposed to any other vegetable oil for a “buttery” flavor.

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