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Sweet Potato Black Bean Chilli

winter, cold weather, and advent invite me towards rest and stillness and slower living. this season, i am embracing it. all of it. i am not always so patient, deliberate, and thorough but i am learning to welcome this shift.

these invitations are often quiet -- i wake up pretty early, but my body has been softly telling me it's ok to sleep for 30 more minutes without fear of self-judgement; i am experimenting with baking (something that intimidates me!) and am in the process slowly learning a new skill; and i am stretching myself to cook in a more process-driven way instead of a flavor-driven way, the "how" not solely the "what" ... hence, how this (nearly 2 hour) winter chilli came to be. it's so savory, filling, and comforting. this is my third time eating it this week, so i am going to share the recipe soon. it won't be "quick" (kind of like healing and wellness) but it will be simple + affordable.

stay encouraged.

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