60-90 MINUTES $10-30/person

  • Experience a tailored workshop that covers topics like plant-based cooking, nutrition and herbal medicine that fit the needs of your church, school, or organization etc.

  • Workshops may be stand alone or part of a longer series up to 4 weeks in length

  • Pricing varies and includes cost of instructional materials, supplies, and ingredients

  • Must be located in Philadelphia

Examples of past workshops:

  • Spice Up Your Plate - a workshop on learning the art of integrating spices and herbs while cooking. Participants take home a homemade spice mix.

  • DIY Cold Season Tincture Making - a workshop on learning about the safeness of homemade cough syrups and herbs. Participants take home a homemade cold season tincture (cough syrup).

  • Let’s Make Fire Cider! - a workshop on immune health during the cold weather season. Participants take home homemade fire cider (an immune boosting elixir).

Note: Children under 18 are free of charge

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Speaking Requests

Are you interested in inviting Taylor to speak at your event/organization?

Please read the following basic criteria below. 



Basic Criteria for Speaking Requests

1. Fits within the following categories:

  • Holistic wellness + health for Black women

  • Food education

  • Plant-based eating, cooking, nutrition

  • Christian faith and food justice

2.  Fair honorarium and/or compensation. Honorarium begins at $500. Opportunities outside of Philadelphia County must include compensation for travel and/or lodging in order to be considered. 

3. Family friendly. Priority consideration will be given to requests that allow for Taylor to care for/bring her daughter and husband.

Below are examples of topics Taylor presents on:

  • Pre-natal and postpartum plant-based nutrition

  • Black American foodways and herbal history

  • Centering food justice in the era of Black Lives Matter

  • Making plant-based eating delicious and affordable for the whole family

  • Why plant-based eating isn't "a white thing"

  • Food as a tool of freedom and self-nurture for Black women and girls


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